Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Custom Laser Cut Designs from start-to-finish

I finally had my own custom laser cut designs made for my jewelry. I documented the process from start to finish.

Step One: Design

I had an obsession with a honeycomb pattern. It reminded me of math and hexagon shapes, as well as the natural formation of honeycombs. It all started with  this:

Step Two: Designing in Illustrator
 As you may have noticed, I came up with another design in the meantime.

Step Three: The Send-off! to www.ponoko.com

Step Four: Waiting while the snow arrived....

Step Five: Arrival!

 *This is what they look like when first opened* There is a paper film on the back and front to protect the wood. Weird, huh?

Step Six: The big Reveal!

I hope to sell to retail locally in Kansas City area soon. If you are interested they are $24 from me-to-you or by mail, and likely $30+ retail. I can accept checks in the mail or Paypal.

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